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Aeromech Technologies has indigenously developed CNC concept in Gear Hobbing, a concept that combines Mechanics, Electronics and Automation which fulfill the present day demand in High Speed Dry and Wet Hobbing by the use of latest cutting Tools. The state-of-the-art machine with exceptional high performance and eco friendly, clean, dry hobbing are the outstanding features of this new generation Six Axes, CNC gear Hobbing machine.

In the gear manufacturing, the technology of high speed dry or wet hobbing has greatly reduced the machining time, while improving the gear quality. The new technology demands, higher hob and table speeds, high torque, high static and dynamic stiffness, improved thermal stability and fast removal of hot chips. Further, substantially lower floor to floor time can be realized with fast auto loaders. These demands have been amply met by AG225 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine of Aeromech Technologies.

The proven machine concept also offers a number of significant new developments. The hob spindle and work spindle with built-in direct driver motors, stationary table slide and moving column and closed loop oil circulation in machine bed have contributed to set a new standard in gear production.


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